Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Important Announcement

I have some wonderful news to share!!! I have received an overwhelming response to my first choice name with lots of positive feedback. Initially Haus of Haunt was going to be Debaucherous Bath & Body. After some time with my cousins and uncle at the conception of my business (who are German) they insisted on Haus of Haunt (haus meaning house) due to my personality and my love for anything strange, unique, spooky and well hauntingly beautiful. 

I have officially decided to go with my original choice and I am so excited!
With lots of thought, beginning after the New Year, Haus of Haunt will become Debaucherous Bath & Body!

So after the New Year you will see Haus of Haunt  become Debaucherous Bath & Body!! Everything else will remain the same as far as our look, labels, etc. The only change that will take place is our business name to our original choice. And our web domain will be changing too, to

The new name transition will slowly take place over the holidays and be official at our reopening in January.

The reason the new name will take some time to transition over is because of the limited amount of time I will have throughout the holidays as I will also be closed part of next month (October, I will be out of the country) and with the holidays approaching makes it a little more time consuming, but, during that time will be when the change takes place. Labels will be reworked on, website as well and transitioning over to a new web domain. I really cannot wait, I'm so excited as this was really my first choice to begin with!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement!

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