Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Scents Coming!

We have been so busy here at Debaucherous that new scents are overdue!

We have a few new scents coming out at the end of June.They will be available in perfume petite samples this week!

Here they are:

A New Tudor Collection:

Anne Boleyn~

Golden Sweet Honey, Tonka Bean, the faintest hint of Darjeeling tea, a drizzle of apricot nectar and pink English Roses.

Tudor Rose~

Beautiful Pink Damask Roses, Rose Geranium, White Magnolia lends it's zesty citrus note with a heady undertone and Frozen Spruce.

Henry VIII~

Gifts for the King from around the world.

French Jasmine Petals, Indian Sandalwood, Baltic Amber, Moroccan Rose and Patchouli from Singapore.

New Editions to our Hawaiian Summer Love Collection:


Freshly Cracked Coconut Milk, Zesty Grapefruit, Oahu Grown Pineapples, Sweet Mangoes,  Papayas, Salty Air and Sea Moss.

Big Island~

Juicy Sweet Melons, Zesty Lime and Lemon, Golden Pineapples, Warm Wood and Vanilla Beans on a bed of Star Jasmine and Yellow Hibiscus.


Sweet Mandarin, Night Blooming Jasmine, Vanilla Orchids, Indian Sandalwood, Palm Trees and Tropical Breezes.


Island grown lemons, Heady Pikake, Juniper, Sun bleached Driftwood, Salty Sea Air and Sweet Musk.

And a couple new editions to our Summer Fair Collection:


Cotton Candy, Blood Oranges, Black Tea, Woods.

Mermaid Waters~

Salt Water Taffy, Sea Moss, Ocean Air, Coconut Milk, Juicy Peach and Dark Resins.

Bright Lights, Dark Nights~

Spun Sugar, Resinous Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Red Amber and Dark Woods.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Latest Additions

More stock will be added to our etsy shop throughout the week. The website we are still working on and should be completed by the end of the month.

The following items will be added to the etsy shop:

Marshmallow Lavender BS/WS/Lotion
Cherry Bomb BS/WS/Lotion
Belle Miele BS/WS/Lotion
Hedonistic BS/WS
Dr Jekyll BS/WS
Mr Hyde BS/WS
Debaucherous Amber BS/WS
Voodoo Black BS/WS
Bayou Blue BS/WS
Moonshine BS/WS
Caterpillars Smoking Pipe BS/WS
Mad Alice Lotion/Perfume
The Drunken Hatter BS/WS/Perfume
A Very Merry UnBirthday BS/WS/Perfume
Cinderellas Glass Slipper BS/WS
Pfeiffer Beach BS/WS/Perfume
Big Sur BS/WS/Perfume
California Coast BS/WS/Perfume
Can Can Girl BS/WS
Maleficent BS/WS
Gunslinger BS/WS/Lotion
Bootlegger BS/WS

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We thought you'd like to get an update in regards to the flat rate envelopes we'd been using. We have spoken with our local USPS and for the time being, we can still ship the usps boxes tucked inside the flat rate envelopes. There is no real clarification in regards to shipping in this manner and until USPS has a formal announcement stating otherwise, we are still shipping in this manner.

Please note that USPS international rates increased on May 31st. First class rates increased as well, more info below:

Info on the 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will implement new postage rates on May 31, 2015 for several mail classes and special services.

Summary of the 2015 Postage Rate Increase:

  • First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.) will remain the same at $0.49 when purchased at the Post Office. Each additional ounce will cost $0.22 (up one cent from 2014).
  • The discounted “Metered Mail” category for First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.), which includes online postage providers and postage meters, will increase from $0.48 to $0.485 in 2015.
  • First Class Flats (1 oz.) will stay the same at $0.98 in 2015. Each additional ounce will cost $0.22 (up one cent from 2014).
  • Postcard rates will increase by one cent to $0.35 from $0.34.
  • Media Mail will see an increase of 6.2% in 2015. Rates will start at $2.72 (1 lb.), up $0.03 compared to 2014.
  • Parcel Select (non-presort) will see an increase of 9.8% in 2015. Rates for a 1 lb. package will begin at $5.70.
  • Parcel Select rates are decreasing for heavier packages. Packages weighing 6 lbs. to 24 lbs. that are being shipped to Zones 1 – 4 will see a decrease of up to $9.35 per package (15 lb., Zone 4) in 2015.
  • First Class Package Service will see an increase of 5.1% in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates will start at $2.04 (1 oz.), up $0.11 compared to 2014.
  • Priority Mail rates are NOT INCREASING in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates will continue to start at $5.05.
  • Priority Mail Express rates are NOT INCREASING in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates will continue to start at $13.09.
  • USPS Tracking when purchased online will cost $0.36 in 2015, compared to $0.23 in 2014.

  • Postage for First Class Mail International Letters (1 oz.) and postcards will increase by five cents from $1.15 to $1.20.
  • First Class Package International Service will see an increase of 7.2% in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates will start at $6.39 (1 oz.), up $0.23 compared to 2014.
  • Priority Mail International will see an increase of 5.5% in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates (for all countries except Canada) will start at $32.63 (1 lb.), up $0.70 compared to 2014.
  • For Priority Mail International packages being shipped to Canada, zoned prices based on origin ZIP Code have been introduced. Commercial Base (online postage) rates for a 1 lb. package will begin at $26.75.
  • Priority Mail Express International will see an increase of 6.7% in 2015. Commercial Base (online postage) rates will start at $35.53 (0.5 lbs.), up $2.29 compared to 2014.

June Fragrance of the Month

Fragrance of the Moth


This free perfume petite is with every order of $25.00 or more in addition to the free perfume petite sample included with every order of $10.00 or more. 

Long Time No Post

It's been awhile since we posted. Lori has been busy handling all the customer service and doing a great job at that, while updating facebook, instagram and working on our newsletters, that's a lot to handle!

A few updates. TAT has been going quite smoothly. 4-5 business days is the standard at this time. It looks like by Monday we'll be back to 2-3 business days, but this can change at any time.

The updated website is about ready and will launch in about 2 weeks. We are working on adding all the product over to the newer version. Accurate shipping quotes will be available then as well.

Fragrance of the month will be announced shortly.

New products and scents are coming soon. A date is tentative at this time.

What to look forward to:

Custom Blended Perfumes
Wax Tarts (will be available in limited scents)
Hair Care Products
Mens Line
Solid Perfumes
Face/Skincare Products
Limited Summer Scents and a sneak preview of the new fall line up will be announced next month

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