Monday, May 12, 2014

Shipping Options

I wanted to clear up some shipping options here.

As of late you may be noticing that if your order is 6 jars or less I am shipping your order in a small priority mail boxed tucked inside a flat rate envelope for $5.05 (domestic) and $23.50 for International. I have started doing this in the past month (always for international) at the request of many of you.

I never ship the larger items in just the envelopes themselves and risk any damage. If your order qualifies for first class, I will ship that way (usually samples and lip balms ship in the 5x7 envelopes) or larger orders/items (depending on the size of the order), I ship as medium flat rate at $11.30 or Regional A boxes which is between $6-$10.00, depending on destination. Sometimes same state or neighboring states I can ship up to 3lbs for under $8 priority mail. 

I do this to help you save on shipping, insurance is always included up to $50. If for any reason, you do not want them shipped in the box and flat rate envelope, please let me know. I will ship the best way for you.

As always, I charge exact shipping and always refund excess shipping of $1.50 or more.

Thank you!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick Update and Medical Leave Notice

I'm a little slow getting online as of late but still working as quickly as I can to process all orders.

As I mentioned before. I have been having neck and shoulder problems and have been advised to limit my activities, but that's nearly impossible sadly. I have been going to physical therapy and acupuncture, alternately, to help alleviate my pain as I am not one to take meds. I will be having surgery next month because of the issues I am having. I plan to only take one week off from processing any orders but the website and etsy shop will remain open, so TAT will be upped to 1-2 weeks during that time. I'm really really hoping one week will be good but I have been hearing 2 weeks from others who have had a similar surgery such as mine. In the meantime, as well as processing all the orders to get them out as quickly as I can, I am also restocking inventory so that my daughter and husband can help out packing orders after my surgery, just in case recovery takes me a bit longer.

So please bare with me as I have not been able to get online as much as I want to to convo/email everyone back right away, or update tracking for all orders. Sitting here and typing for any longer than a few minutes creates a lot of pain for me unfortunately. I will work on getting online tonight to answer emails and convos and update tracking numbers.

As far as when I will not be processing orders, here is the schedule:

All orders will be processed and shipped by Friday June 13th. I will not be processing orders beginning June 14th until my return by June 27th. During that time the shop and website will remain open and orders will be reflecting a 7-14 business day turn around time, which does not includes weekends or holidays. 

At the moment, TAT is at 7-9 business days and should be back to 2-3 days by Monday May 12th.

Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Fragrance of the Month & TAT

Good morning! A few updates. 

Fragrance of the Month for May:  

Cherry Bomb~

Ruby Red Sweet Cherries, Lattice Pie Crust, Almond Extract and a Sprinkling of Cinnamon Sugar.

Free perfume petite sample with any purchase of $25 or more in addition to the free perfume petite sample included with every order.

Current TAT (turn around time) is 7-9 business days. Will be caught up by this weekend. After this weekend we'll be back at the 2-3 business day TAT.

New scents are up and will continue to be added today and tomorrow. Spring Bees, Sweet Jezebel, The Actress and Lucy Chiffon are up now. Lotions will be going up today. Room 246, Cherry Bomb, Blue Sparrow will be going up today and tomorrow. You may also have noticed that last summers Hawaiian collection is up. The remainder will be going up by the weekend as well as a few new products themselves.

Stay tuned! ;-)

Retired Fragrances

It's that time of year again. Cleaning out stock to make more room for new scents. So the following scents will be available until May 30th or sold out. Stock up while you can as many will not be back until next year :-)

Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White
Headless Horseman
Indian Summer
Autumnal Equinox
Cottontail Rabbit
Queen Grimhilde
2 Lovers
Bound by Blood
All She Wants

Cottontail Rabbit
Spring Bees
Spider Silk -Coming Back Fall 2014

2 Lovers, All She Wants, Sweetheart and Bound by Blood will not be back until Valentines Day 2015. Cottontail Rabbit and Spring Bees will be back spring of 2015. Headless Horseman, Autumnal Equinox and Indian Summer may return this Fall. The others are being retired for the time being.

Thank you and have a fabulous week!