Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stock Up or Wait Sale!

So, as I mentioned before, I was going to offer yet another sale. Now, I don't usually offer sales like this, or this often actually, but since I am going on vacation in both October (beginning the 9th returning the 21st) and November (beginning the 1st and returning the 12th)  I thought I'd offer this as a Stock Up Or Wait type of sale. 

Here's how it works, you can order now to stock up and save 10% off any order of $35 or more, NOT including sample sizes. OR, you can wait and get 15% off any order of $40 or more once I return from the first vacation. These sales will be offered for a very limited time so that I can process all orders in a timely manner. I don't want to get up to 10 days again. These sales will NOT be valid on orders of sample sized products. NO exceptions.

For the "Stock Up" sale, it will be on in stock items only. I will not be restocking inventory during this time nor will I be doing custom listings. Time is very restrictive for me during this time so I need to make it move as smooth and quickly as possible.

For the "Wait" sale, I will be limiting the amount of custom listings and will be restocking, but again in limited quantities due to the fact that I will be leaving again in November.

I am offering this sale bc honestly, I couldn't be leaving at a worse time. So it is up to you on if you are willing to wait until I return or want to stock up now. While I am away on the first trip I will have limited access to email/convos. On the 2nd trip I will not have any access at all as I am leaving the country.

The sale will be offered on the etsy shop ONLY. Please understand all of the above when placing your order. Also note, there will be a note at the bottom of each receipt stating the above info as a reminder.

The sale begins now (Sunday the 29th) and will end Saturday (October 5th) at 12am.

Here are the codes:

STOCKUPNOW10 for 10% off orders of $35 or more that will be processed and shipped BEFORE the vacation


ICANWAIT15 for 15% off orders of $40 or more that will be processed when I RETURN on October 12th.

If you place an order and mix match the codes for the dates listed, you order will be processed according to the sale and dates offered. No exceptions.

The sale does not apply to the tart or perfume shops nor the website. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on samples or perfume petites.

Not valid on previous orders.

Have a fabulous week!

New Item Updates

I've started to add the remainder of the Pin Up Collection and the Fall collection. I will also be adding the Halloween collection as I get the labels in (same reason as before). So far the following are already up:

Haunted Carousel Lotion
Autumn Heirloom Lotion
Gentlemens' Club BS/WS
Rockabilly BS/WS
Pin Up Girl BS/WS
Pumpkin Regal Lotion

What's going up tonight and throughout the week:

Marshmallow Woods
Beware of the Kraken
Spiked Coffee
Wooden Roller Coaster
State Fair
Indian Summer
Aged Oak Barrel Cider
Autumnal Equinox
Harvest Porridge
Buttermilk Nectar
The Pumpkin Head Girls (Halloween)
Haunted Mansion (Halloween)

Halloween scents coming:

Bat Crazy
Dirt Poe
Halloween Pin Up
Something Wicked

And a few more...

Lip balms as discussed previously will be coming tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall!

Finally, the day I have been waiting all year for is here! This is my favorite time of year. Not only favorite, I was born in it and in exactly one month will be my birthday!! My parents couldn't have planned it any better. 

Happy Fall to everyone! If the weather has cooled down in your neck of the woods I hope you're cuddling up in a nice warm blanket, with a cup of hot tea or coffee, warm socks and staying in your pj's this lovely morning by the fireplace. Maybe even the trees are just beginning to showcase their autumn splendor. 

Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tarts & Perfumes

A quick update. I have opened a separate etsy shop just for the tarts, called Debaucherous Tarts. I will begin to list the soy wax tarts by Sunday evening. The shop isn't ready as I am trying to get the last of all the orders out. I figured it would be wiser to keep the 2 separate.

Which leads me to another update, perfumes. I have once again, opened one more etsy shop just for perfumes (also not ready).  These will be perfumes not available at my regular etsy shop. All Limited Editions. This shop is called Debaucherous Alchemy, keeping with the same name line. This shop isn't ready yet either and won't be until Sunday evening.

At the same time, I will FINALLY be adding the remainder of the first fall release line Sunday as well.

This will be the first day (Sunday) in quite awhile that I will be 100% up to date and finally be able to update everything. I am so excited! 

Halloween items will trickle in as I get my labels in from my designer. I'm not setting any dates for this release and will just add as she send them over.

Also, with my vacations quickly approaching, I will be offering a sale. This will allow you to stock up, but only in stock items will be listed to keep TAT as quick as humanly possible. At that time I will also be adding a few Christmas items. Details to come....

Thank you all for your patience. Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shipping Error

Last week, while I was preparing shipments, somehow, I printed duplicate shipping labels, meaning there are about 8 orders that I entered in a tracking number that I had to void because I printed 2 labels for each (with separate tracking #'s). I have no clue what I was thinking, but rest assured all packages have been shipped. Tonight I'll be in the process of updating the correct tracking #'s. 

My sincerest apologies.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A few updates

As you may have noticed, many of the new fall scents are up. The remainder will be up by Tuesday. Halloween scents will be making their debut towards the 3rd week of September. Old fall favorites have returned as well. You may have also noticed some of the oldie but goodie products are listed with our old business name labels, Haus of Haunt. Unfortunately, the other night as I was taking photos, I dropped my beloved Canon 60D. While the camera survived just fine, my lens did not. My precious macro lens broke into pieces and my heart just sank. I shed a few tears, picked it up and showed my husband what happened. It is beyond repair and now I have to purchase another. My favorite camera store is nearly 45 minutes away and I have yet the time to go. But lucky me, my beloved husband has gone on his merry way to rescue the day! So those photos will be updated shortly. Yay!

Now, for the turn around time. The holiday season has officially begun, at least it seems so. More orders are coming in from both sites and so TAT has slowed down just a tad. Everything is taking 5-7 business days. I am trying to convo and email each person that places an order with an estimated ship date as orders come in. If you did not get an email or convo with your TAT, please contact me. Sometimes I am not online until the end of the day so that I can just process orders. So if you convo me or email me, please give me 24-48 hours to respond. 99.999% of the time I respond the same day. 

I also have another etsy shop/website as mentioned before, where I bake gluten free, paleo and primal baked goods. Usually my Sundays as well as Monday mornings involve baking. Business for this is beginning to pick up as well, thus another reason for my 5-7 turn around time. If you should ever need an order rushed, please contact me, there is a small fee for rushed orders, but we can do it. :-)

Vacation/Holiday schedule. Please take note of the recently posted Vacation/Holiday schedule. I know it is the worst time of year to take a vacation, November is anyhow, but I had no choice. I know, pull my arm right? Well, yes actually. Earlier this year my husband and I boarded a plane for Europe for a lovely vacation, nearly half ways to the next airport for a change of planes, I fell very ill and once we landed was spending a lovely night in the ER. Long story short, trip canceled and the ONLY time the airlines (don't you just love the airlines?) would give us a new flight schedule was for November. Otherwise, we had to wait until Spring of next year and my beloved husband could wait no longer, poor guy. Just lovely!! I was so upset that we had to go during the busiest time of year. So please, please bare with me as I will be working in overdrive during this time. I have enlisted the help of my family, as usual so we will move as quickly as we can! :-) Usually, worst case scenario for turn around time is posted and we can get orders out quicker than estimated. 

Also, in October I have to take another trip. This one is back east and consists of both pleasure and business for my husbands work. Again, we will be working in overdrive to get all orders out as quickly as possible for you. Especially with the holiday season coming.

Now, for the much anticipated soy wax tarts! These will be offered for a VERY limited time and in limited scents. Some scents offered will be some of the holiday scents I offer, plus a few others that will NOT be available in any other product but soy wax tarts. These will be launched by the end of the month. Everything will be a first come, first serve basis. All tarts will be made in advance and sold by limited inventory. Once gone, they will not be making any return and inventory will not be replenished.

New perfumes are coming in the next week as well. These too will be first come first serve as inventory will be limited. These scents will not be offered in perfume petite sizes.

Bathory will be making a return as soon as the weather cools down. It seems as though Fall will never come in my neck of the woods with this dreaded heat wave. Hopefully sometime in October, otherwise they will have to wait until November. These are very delicate in-the-shower body butters which can melt easily. I will announce when they are available.

Other than all that...I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Updated Holiday/Vacation Schedule

Here is the updated 2013 Holiday/Vacation schedule for the remainder of the year, as of September 7th, 2013.. Please note, this schedule is subject change at any time.


Closed beginning Wednesday, October 9th, 2013. All orders placed until Monday October 7th will be shipped out prior to closure. All orders made after the 7th will be processed upon our return Monday October 21st.


Closed beginning Friday, November 1st, 2013. All orders placed until Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 will be shipped out prior to closure. All orders made after the 30th of October will be processed upon our return Tuesday November 12th, 2013.

Closed beginning Thursday November 28th, 2013 in observance of Thanksgiving. All orders placed until Monday November 25th will be shipped our prior to closure. All orders made after the 27th will be processed upon our return Monday December 2nd, 2013.


Closed beginning December 16th, 2013 in observance of Christmas and New Years. All orders received by Friday December 13th, 2012 will be processed and shipped out prior to closure. No orders will be accepted after this date or during this closure time. We will reopen Thursday, January 2nd, 2013. 

Please note, these dates are subject to change.