Monday, March 31, 2014

New Scents

Last week I didn't get a chance to finish uploading all the new products. Our sweet baby cat, whom is now 16 years old and is diabetic was not feeling well, he was limping. We took him to the vet and had a cancer scare. Still not too sure what is going on other than he fractured his leg where he has an old injury so off to an orthopedic surgeon we go this week. So naturally, I have been quite stressed and my time consumed with visits to the vet. For the time being he is comfortable on a pain med until the dr sees him and decides if surgery is an option for him or what else we are to do. 

In the meantime, I will be able to add a few items tonight and more tomorrow as well as getting back to finishing orders. All orders will be caught up by Wednesday. At the moment I am processing orders at 3-5 business days. 

New scents are coming this week on top of the other new scents listed. You may have already seen the listing on etsy for the petite samples that lists the new scents, but just in case I will list them here:

Room #246~

They always meet in Room #246. There's a certain scent that lingers in the air, on the sheets and on her skin. Sweet yet dark. He can't stop smelling her as he brushes his lips across her skin. He always leaves wanting more of her, he thinks he loves her, but he's not sure, he's afraid. He just can't get the scent of her off of him. He doesn't want to.

Sweet strawberries, sugared violets, white amber, traces of thick labdanum. 

Lucy Chiffon~

Part of the Pin Up Collection. Different from your typical bakery scents floating around out there.

Tart Lemons, Raw Sugar Cane, White Cake with a Gardenia flavored cream filling.

Cherry Bomb~

Another addition to the Pin up Collection. This fragrance took me a bit of time to get right. I wanted just the right amount of pie crust and cherry filling and all the other notes to make the perfect cherry pie but with a little something added to make it different from a typical cherry pie scent.

Ruby Red Sweet Cherries, Lattice Pie Crust, Almond Extract and a Sprinkling of Cinnamon Sugar.

Spring Bees~

Golden honey, sweet berries, orange blossoms, olibanum, sweet nectar and dead woods.

Sweet Jezebel~

Intoxicating Neroli, Sweet Honeycomb, Crunchy Toffee, White Amber, Soft Musk.

The Actress~

Heady Gardenias, Rosewater, Toxic Tuberose, Sweet Violets, White Amber, Ylang Ylang.

Cottontail Rabbit~

Brightly colored Easter eggs, jelly beans of all flavors, spring flowers, fresh green grass.

Spring Bees~

Bees dancing about all the blossoming flowers.

Golden honey, sweet berries, orange blossoms, olibanum, sweet nectar and dead woods.

Butterfly Dance~

Dandelions in full bloom, banded peacocks fly about, blossoming cherry blossoms, baby pink roses, wild honeysuckle and white jasmine.

New perfumes will be added to the Debaucherous Alchemy shop this week once and for all. 

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Product & Samples Update

I'll be adding the remainder of the products this afternoon, I hope, lol. I'll be adding Bathory, Perfumes, more lip balms and lotions.

As far as the new spring scents, I am just waiting for the labels. So those won't be added until I get those in. Which can be any day now. But I will be adding the perfumes in those new scents. 

I also was able to update the perfume petite samples list on etsy. I won't be able to update the website until later in the week.

I'll also be updating samples this week, giving you more sample choices in the lotion, bubbling scrubs and whipped soaps.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Updates

I was able to get some of the items up this morning and will get the remainder up late this afternoon/evening. I am currently working on orders to keep the TAT (turn around time) at 2-3 days. 

What I was able to get up so far:

Indian Summer BS, WS
Headless Horseman BS, WS
Autumnal Equinox WS
Beware of the Kraken BS

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My computer is running a little slow and I am quite tired from the long drive so I am just going to postpone until tomorrow morning. My apologies but they will be up on the etsy shop by 10 am.

Thank you!

Spring Update

I am just about to launch the new items. I am just working on the photos for those. I will also be adding the remainder of them tomorrow morning as well since I got back from my trip a bit later than I had anticipated. 

Here are the descriptions for those waiting on the new items:

Indian Summer~

Late summer harvest, the last warm, dry weather before autumn sets in; blackberries, green apple, geranium, Virginia cedar, Indian Sandalwood.

Autumnal Equinox~
Damp earth, dried red maple leaves, peru balsam, rotting oak, tupelo honey, maple sugar, wildflower honey and crisp apples.

Cottontail Rabbit~
Brightly colored Easter eggs, jelly beans of all flavors, spring flowers, fresh green grass.

Spring Bees~
Golden honey, sweet berries, orange blossoms, olibanum, sweet nectar and dead woods.

Butterfly Dance~
Dandelions in full bloom, banded peacocks fly about, blossoming cherry blossoms, baby pink roses, wild honeysuckle and white jasmine.

I am also adding new lip balms tomorrow. 

Updated turn around time is at 2-3 business days, thank you!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Product Update

I have gotten all but the newer and limited release items up. I will get those up Sunday. I am leaving town for the weekend to visit with family for a few birthdays and will return Sunday. 

Here's what will be going up, including the limited release items:

Caterpillars Smoking Pipe (Lotion, BS, WS, Perfume)
Drink Me (Lotion, BS, WS, Perfume)
Cheshires Grin (Lotion)
Blue Sparrow (Lotion, BS, WS, Perfume)
Nathaniel+Amelia (Lotion, BS, WS)
Sweetheart (Lotion, BS, WS)
Indian Summer (BS, WS)
Autumnal Equinox (BS, WS)
Headless Horseman (Lotion, BS, WS)

A few Easter and Spring inspired scents coming next week:

Cottontail Rabbit

Spring Bees

Butterfly Dance

Aeon Tattoo Balm~ I am so excited about this, I have been using this myself for years for my own tattoos and so have my friends and family for theirs and now I'll be offering it to my customers. All natural, scented with a blend of lavender essential oils and tea tree. 

New Perfume just released:

Beguiling Violette, you can read the story and description here:

Beguiling Violette Perfume

Coming Soon: Body Gloss, Hair Oil and Bubbling Bath Melts.

Debaucherous Tarts will FINALLY be making its debut mid April. 

Bathory items will slowly be coming down. Unfortunately, spring has *been* here for us in SoCal. There is an exception for those that still want in in the cooler states, I can include a cold pack for an additional fee. I will add additional Bathory scents Sunday in the following scents for a very limited time:

Corpse Bride
Alices Nightmare in Wonderland
The Red Queens Rage
Mad Hatter Tea Cakes

Turn around has been super fast since I have been caught up, woohoo, shipping within 24 hours! Please note, this does not include weekends. I would love to keep it this way, but please keep in mind that any increase in orders will delay turn around time. So this could change at any time. But as always, I will keep you posted. At the same time, I have kept my TAT on etsy posted at 3-5 days.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Limited Edition Release

I will be releasing a limited edition run tonight. It will be featuring scents that I didn't get to release in the past. It wil also include a few lip balms as well.

They include:

Indian Summer (bs, ws)
Autumnal Equinox (bs, ws)
Headless Horseman (ws, bs, lotion)
Christmas Cookies Lip Balm
State Fair Lip Balm

Also being released tonight is:

Blue Sparrow

Clearance Update

Now that orders are up to date, I am updating the clearance items as well. I still have stock and will continue to list until depleted. I need to make room for Spring and Summer items so get them while you can at 40% off (bubbling scrubs, lotions and whipped soaps) before they are gone. They will not be back until next Fall and Winter and some may not be coming back at all.

A few I have decided to keep year round that initially were on clearance (and all due to requests by you) are Haunted Carousel, Funhouse and Twilight Night. They are back in the regular line permanently. Some of you were lucky to get them at clearance prices!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All Caught Up!! YAY!

I am happy to announce that ALL orders have been shipped. Finally caught up. I have been working countless hours trying to get them all caught up. There was a week that I was out due to personal reasons, but I am back and I am feeling FABULOUS!

I'd like to address USPS tracking. On etsy, the tracking does not seem to update and I get lots of convos asking where their packages are. If you click on the actual tracking number, it will take you to and there you will see updated tracking, most of the time. There have been a few customers that have told me as of late that etsy nor usps has updated tracking but they received their packages. Please be patient, like you, I sit here watching the tracking with anxiety. I have called into usps on a few occasions (if you have ever had this "luxury", you may have waited as long as I did to speak to someone, 43 long, beautiful, glorious minutes to get through and only to be told to contact the sorting facility directly where a package was sitting, then to find out I'd have to call yet another number). Sometimes I feel like I am going to lose my mind!

I have been reading on the etsy forums many sellers having problems with usps since Christmas, unfortunately.

Anyhow, if by any chance, I have not responded to a convo or email from you, my deepest apologies. I tend to get sidetracked but always try my best. Convo or email me again, it is never a bother, but a reminder that I slipped and need to get my rear in gear, lol. I swear, with age and having many children comes forgetfulness, lots of it sadly. lol

Ok, now for the exciting news, I am FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY going to be adding new items, many new lip balms, bubbling scrubs, lotions, etc., this week.

Soap! Cold process, old fashioned, lovely soap is curing and almost ready to be added as well. I cannot wait. I haven't had any new soaps in the shop or website in quite a long time. 

At Debaucherous Alchemy, I will be adding many new perfumes I have been working on in the past year.

Debaucherous Tarts, I will be adding wax tarts in April sometime.

And last but not least, samples, I will be adding more, ready to ship samples for you to the etsy shop. Woohoo!

That is about it. I will be updating TAT on etsy to reflect current turn around times. I will keep it at 3-5 business days as long as I am able to. please keep in mind that TAT is Monday through Friday, does not include weekends as I like to spend time with my family, does not include any holidays, as again, I like to spend time with my family and I try my best to answer all convos and emails, even if it's a 1am, ;-).

I hope everyone has a fabulous week and I can never thank you all enough for your continued support and patience with me and my business!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Product And TAT Updates

Well, I have spent the last week getting more caught up on orders. Almost all orders have been completed.

Last week we were going through the process of converting to solar, which was a pain more or less. We ran into a few snags along the way, but finally things are beginning to run smoothly around here. We are nearing completion and by the end of the month we are suppose to be running off of the solar energy. We just have to pass a couple county inspections and wait for approval from the electric company. Woohoo!

I just want to tell you all that I can't thank you all enough for all your patience. I know sometimes I can run a bit slow in processing orders. But I thank you for your understanding of me being a one woman owned business that is also a busy mother of 4, THANK YOU!

Next month new cold process soaps will be added. I am looking at early April. Sometime this week or next, Beware of the Kraken will be added in both Bubbling Scrub and Whipped soap, as well as Marshmallow Woods in both BS and WS as well and Blue Sparrow in BS, WS and Lotion as well as perfume.

Tomorrow I will be adding a new scent called Sweetheart in Perfume, BS, WS and Lotion.

Another new scent will be added as well, called Nathaniel+Amelia.

Here are the scent descriptions:


Black forest cake, a raspberry rose filling, chocolate liqueur, European black chocolate dusted with French cacao.


Ecuadorian Lilies, African Gardenias, Bulgarian Lavender, Sun Dried Linens, Southern Magnolias and Baby Pink Roses.

These are just a couple of what is to come in the next couple weeks.

Again, thank you for your continued patience!

Have a fabulous week!