Sunday, October 27, 2013

Etsy Banner Designer

I thought I'd ask here. I am looking for a designer that is willing to design a custom etsy banner and avatar. I need it for Christmas and I need it to go with the theme of my products. Please contact me either via etsy or email at debaucherousbath at gmail dot com. Payment or trade will work either way for me. Thanks!!!

Quick Update

The remainder of the Halloween items are going up by tonight. Although yesterday was going to be the last day I was open before vacation, due to the fact that I just got the last of my labels in and Halloween is in 4 days, I thought I'd keep the shop open for another day or two.

Also, all orders received by today, October 27th, will be out by tomorrow. I am just about caught up and have been working all weekend. 

Thank you for your continued patience!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekend Update

Just a few updates.

This Saturday, October 26th, is the last day I will be taking orders from both the etsy shop and website. After that date, the shop and website will be closed. Orders will still be able to come through on the website, but as previously noted, there will be a notice on the site, email and at checkout that we are closed and that any orders received during that time will be processed upon our return on Tuesday November 12th. Current turn around time is 3 days. All orders received up until the 26th will be shipped out by November 1st.

The weather is beginning to cool down here...finally and when I return on the 12th, the weather will be even cooler, yay! That means, the return of Bathory! Bathory will be offered in more scents this year than years prior. If you have a special request for Bathory scents, drop me a line, I'm always open to suggestions.

This week I will be adding the last of the Fall/Halloween scents. It's taken a bit longer than I'd  have liked but, better late than never. They will be available until late November as well. 

On the 12th, the German Christmas line will be making its return as well as the Christmas classics. A new Christmas line will be making its debut later in the month as well; a Victorian Christmas as well as a few new classics.

Another anticipated arrival on the 12th, Debaucherous Tarts and Debaucherous Alchemy will open on etsy. The tarts will be available until Christmas. I don't plan to make it a year round thing, but mainly around the holidays. The tarts may come back for Valentines Day with Valentine scents. And then probably not again until next Fall. The tarts will be available while supplies last only. 

The new perfumes coming to Debaucherous Alchemy will not available in any other product. Perfume petites will be available in most scents. Prices will vary as I use CO2's, essential oils, absolutes and resins as well as fragrance oils. So prices will depend on the ingredients used. There will be 2 types of perfume petites offered. The regular ones that are filled full in the sample vials as the others I typically make and then a premium one that will include only about a 1/3 of perfume in the sample vial. The premium ones are for the higher priced perfumes with the costly ingredients. This way you can still sample the perfumes without the high cost.

When I return I will also be offering my perfumes in larger sizes. I'll be offering the perfumes in a 15 ml amber bottle on both etsy shops and the website. Prices will vary.

I'm working on offering a body shea butter as well. Trying to think of a name for it. Made with fair trade, unrefined shea straight from Ghana. This will be offered in limited scents, mainly those that are most compatible with the scent of unrefined shea

That's about it for now. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vacation 1 down!

I am back from my vacation, the first one anyways. I'll be reopening the etsy shop later today, a day earlier than scheduled. I've gotten quite a few convos while gone wanting to get orders in before my next trip so that they can get them in time for the holidays. Once I reopen the shop TAT will be 2-3 days, depending on the volume of orders that come in it may take 5. I will be closing the shop a bit earlier than planned and that will be on Saturday, October 26th. With the recent vacation I learned I need a little bit more time to allow for the orders to arrive. I had a few convos concerned their packages were lost. While 2 of them arrived eventually, one did not. Not too bad for the volume of orders before the vacation closure, but still, 1 too many. On this last vacation, I had very sporadic service as I was up in the mountains in New England. I didn't realize I'd have that issue. But either way, the time I am allowing this time will be much better. Since I am going to Europe, I will *NOT* have any access to email or web while gone. 

I'll be restocking the shop and finally adding the last of the Halloween scents. 

I can't thank everyone enough for their continued business and patience while I am getting back into the swing of things around here.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vacation & Recent Sale

In regards to the recent sale I just offered, I think there was some confusion about it. The sale did NOT apply to sample sizes. These items are already discounted and never do I at any time, offer a sale that applies to samples. As I stated previously, the sale did not apply to the sample sizes, only full sized products. Any orders that used the coupon code on samples will not be shipped until the difference is paid via Paypal.

For future reference, sample sized items will not be available while I am having a sale. 

Now for the vacation time, I am closing up shop tomorrow evening instead of Wednesday so that I can finish all orders before I leave. I had a rush of orders come through this weekend on both the site and etsy and so for this, I need to close early. The website will remain open, but there will be a notice stating we are closed until the 21st and any orders that come through will not be processed until my return. A notice will be included in your receipt that is emailed to you as well as when you go to checkout. The etsy shop will be closed until the 21st so that no orders can come through.

I just want to say, that I cannot thank you all enough for your patience and your continued business. 

Have a fabulous evening!