Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lip Balms & Bathory

As I finish adding the remainder of the new collections I will also be adding new Bathory items and new lip balms flavors as well.

Bathory is coming in the following scents:

Corpse Bride
Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland
The Red Queens Rage
Mad Hatter Tea Cakes™

I am working on adding a few more Bathory scents, but I would like to hear from you on what scents you'd like to see Debaucherous Bath offer it in. Please keep in mind, Bathory will only be around until about early or mid Spring, depending upon the weather. I may even offer it in a couple of my summer scents for your summer stash. Bathory is something I love to use myself for my pedicures in the summer.

As far as the lip balms go, here is what I'm going to offer:

Caramel Embrace
Raspberry Ganache
Cocoa Lavender
Lemon Drop
Cotton Candy

Off to finish!

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