Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Latest Update

A new update since I haven't been able to update as of late. I am still working on orders in the 2-3 day time frame. I thank you for your patience. I also thank you for your warm wishes and prayers. Trying to make life normal again. Things have been very difficult as of late but we are managing. I have realized that I cannot put my life on hold, well, we have realized we cannot put our lives on hold. So we are managing here. That is the best way I can describe it really.

I have been doing some thinking. My daughter is graduating in just a few short weeks, which gives me even more help here with Debaucherous Bath. I am going to slowly transition all items over to the website and slowly move away from the etsy shop. Etsy fees are becoming quite a bit with the added fees of Paypal and with a flat monthly fee from my hosting company, it makes more sense to just have all my products in one place. So by the end of summer all items will be at my website only. So you will start to see more items being offered on the website than the etsy shop in the near future.

At the end of this month I will be taking down the Twisted Fairytale and Dark Woods collections. They will not be available again until next year and will not be available in the overstock sale. I will be having one last overstock sale until after the holidays (Christmas, etc) for the Loved to Death Valentine collection items I have left remaining near the end of this month. Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood will be making a permanent mark with Debaucherous Bath and will be available year long.

I *may* bring some scents back as Limited Edition items around the holiday time for gift giving or to stock up on your favorites. I haven't decided yet. It will really depend on how much help I have at that time as I do not want to bring down my TAT like it has been in the past. When I started this business it started as a passion, a hobby, something to occupy my time with and to share my creative side with. I really had no clue how much it would grow and in such a short amount of time. So when the holidays came last year, I was really unprepared compared to the prior year. Not to mention with the sad and unforeseen incidents in my family this year. Plus my daughter will be in college, so by the time the holidays come, I will not have her help anymore. I am trying to plan ahead and be prepared based off of prior and recent experiences. 

Next week sometime I will begin to restock the etsy shop. I will also add the 2 new perfumes I mentioned before, Candyman and Dollface Bettie. Next month sometime I will introduce my summer collections. I have 3 I am bringing out with a 4th I am debating on. I may bring that one out later in the summer.

I also have some new handmade cold process soaps coming out in scents not available in any other product.

I'll be working on some convos and orders tonight.

Thank you again for your patience. It means a lot to me.

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