Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sad news, but new beginnings

I've been gone for awhile and I do apologize. It saddens me to say that we lost our uncle. He lost his battle with lung cancer. He was such a good man. Everyone loved him. He was a true family man. He lost his wife 30 years earlier to brain cancer and raised his 3 children alone. He never remarried, never dated. He devoted his entire life to his family. He was a fighter. He fought this cancer to the end. But he left us with the best memories and left us wanting to be half the person he was.

Which leads me to Debaucherous Bath. I have thought long and hard about this and with the rapid growth of DB I knew I had to prepare for this upcoming season. I have partnered up with my best friend. So we will be working together beginning next week. My daughter begins college in 2 weeks so I will no longer have her to help me with my orders. My other children have begun school and now I am home with my toddler. We have spent the last week in preparation for the Fall collection. Last years Fall items will be returning this week, beginning Wednesday August 22nd. Ther wil be a few changes though.

Calavera and Bewitching Hour will only be available in Whipped Soap, Bubbling Scrub and Sugar Scrub. It will not be available in perfume or lotion.

Raven will be available in limited quantities. I was unable to get the main note replaced due to my uncle being so ill all year. So it left me with little time to really prep for this years Fall collection.

What will be coming back:

Zombie Girl
Pumpkin Regal
Black Cat
Spiked Coffee
Thanksgiving 1893
Wild Apple Tree
Bewitching Hour

Azteca Cocoa Lip Balm
Apple Betty Lip Balm
Candy Corn Lip Balm
Orxata Lip Balm
Pomegranate Lip Balm
Pumpkin Cupcakes Lip Balm

Making their debut on Saturday, September 1st:

Buttermilk Nectar Soap

Headless Horseman (this was only available in perfume last year) in Whipped Soap, Bubbling Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Lotion and Perfume
Candy Corn Perfume

Ghost Orbs~ A Fall favorite in our house. Orbs of buttered popcorn covered in gooey marshmallows.

Ichabod Crane~Dried leaves, black figs, golden amber and buckwheat honey.

Glowing Jack O' Lantern~ Pumpkin flesh, candle wax, vanilla bean, rotting berries.

New Lip Balms:

Ghost Orbs
Butter Pecan
Prickly Pear
Creme Brulee
Sour Apple

New scents being added to the Nightmare in Wonderland Collection:

Rabbits Dark Hole
Cheshires Grin
Caterpillars Smoking Pipe

Descriptions coming soon.

Many of you have already know this, but shipping has not been added to the site yet. I'm hoping to do this within the next couple weeks. I have to contact USPS to set it up with my shopping cart to get live shipping quotes. I haven't had the time since my uncle was very ill. In the meantime I will continue to collect shipping separately when your order has been prepared and ready to ship. Please keep in mind, your order will not ship until shipping has been paid. I always offer exact shipping and I give you the option for the cheapest method.

I will also be having a special when the Fall line makes its debut August 22nd. 10% off all orders over $30.00 with voucher code: ITSFALL2012. To make the deal even sweeter, any order over $75.00 gets a FREE perfume, retail value $15.00. Just state your choice in the comments section. This sale begins Wednesday August 22nd and ends Sunday August

Thank you everyone for your patience all year long. It means the world to me. I look forward to a wonderful season!

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