Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Update

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything  here. As you can tell, the website has not been updated since the holidays. A few things have been going on and I'll explain.

Another relative of mine passed away recently, in which now I have to work with a lot of paperwork, legalities and such. It just hasn't been easy. To top it off, another very close relative of mine was injured and required my time to help. And an old shoulder injury of mine from a car accident many years ago, has been causing me much pain as of late. With all this going on, I've spent quite a bit of time away trying to get my life back to normal with my family.

But, good news! We have been working here on new Debaucherous Bath products and scents in our "spare" time. I cannot wait for the Spring & Summer line to make it's debut here very soon. Soaps are curing, perfumes have been blended as well as many other things.

So sometime after Spring, (I will announce a date and time) the arrival of the lines will debut. A few old favorites will return as well as the regulars. As far as new products go, well, we have a new body butter making it's debut in a few limited scents. It's heavier than our lotion. As time progresses, more scents will come out in our body butter.

Now, I have not had the time to list the holiday/vacation notices, but in April, from April 15th until April 30th, we will be closed as we will be out of the country during this time. This was something that was planned long ago and cannot be changed. Despite all the things that have been going on in our lives, this actually could not have come at a better time. My husband and I are excited, we are going to Europe for the first time. To be honest, I have not given it much thought as of late, but it's all my husband can talk about. So I will be unavailable during this time. Perhaps it will inspire me with my summer collection I've already been working on.

What's more exciting is with the debut of the new line/products, I will be offering a sale. So stay tuned! Until then, thank you all for your kind emails, well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I am very lucky to have such wonderful, caring and understanding customers as you all are.

Hope you have a fabulous week!


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