Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vacation & Recent Sale

In regards to the recent sale I just offered, I think there was some confusion about it. The sale did NOT apply to sample sizes. These items are already discounted and never do I at any time, offer a sale that applies to samples. As I stated previously, the sale did not apply to the sample sizes, only full sized products. Any orders that used the coupon code on samples will not be shipped until the difference is paid via Paypal.

For future reference, sample sized items will not be available while I am having a sale. 

Now for the vacation time, I am closing up shop tomorrow evening instead of Wednesday so that I can finish all orders before I leave. I had a rush of orders come through this weekend on both the site and etsy and so for this, I need to close early. The website will remain open, but there will be a notice stating we are closed until the 21st and any orders that come through will not be processed until my return. A notice will be included in your receipt that is emailed to you as well as when you go to checkout. The etsy shop will be closed until the 21st so that no orders can come through.

I just want to say, that I cannot thank you all enough for your patience and your continued business. 

Have a fabulous evening!

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