Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick Update and Medical Leave Notice

I'm a little slow getting online as of late but still working as quickly as I can to process all orders.

As I mentioned before. I have been having neck and shoulder problems and have been advised to limit my activities, but that's nearly impossible sadly. I have been going to physical therapy and acupuncture, alternately, to help alleviate my pain as I am not one to take meds. I will be having surgery next month because of the issues I am having. I plan to only take one week off from processing any orders but the website and etsy shop will remain open, so TAT will be upped to 1-2 weeks during that time. I'm really really hoping one week will be good but I have been hearing 2 weeks from others who have had a similar surgery such as mine. In the meantime, as well as processing all the orders to get them out as quickly as I can, I am also restocking inventory so that my daughter and husband can help out packing orders after my surgery, just in case recovery takes me a bit longer.

So please bare with me as I have not been able to get online as much as I want to to convo/email everyone back right away, or update tracking for all orders. Sitting here and typing for any longer than a few minutes creates a lot of pain for me unfortunately. I will work on getting online tonight to answer emails and convos and update tracking numbers.

As far as when I will not be processing orders, here is the schedule:

All orders will be processed and shipped by Friday June 13th. I will not be processing orders beginning June 14th until my return by June 27th. During that time the shop and website will remain open and orders will be reflecting a 7-14 business day turn around time, which does not includes weekends or holidays. 

At the moment, TAT is at 7-9 business days and should be back to 2-3 days by Monday May 12th.

Thank you for your patience!

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