Monday, July 7, 2014

Product Update and Clearance

Today I will be adding the remainder of the new scents. I've been a bit delayed so that I can get all the orders caught up from my time off. 

Also, I will be running a quick sale on the spring items I have left in stock to allow room for the summer collection and the new products that I will be debuting later this month. 

And lastly, I have begun working on the new fall scents, yes fall! So I need to make lots of room here. :-)

I will go through my inventory today and post the sale items in my etsy shop tonight. Some include Cottontail Rabbit and Spring Bees. I have a few others that are still in stock that need to go, which include Little Red Riding Hood. This particular scent is being retired due to the fact that one of the notes I use has been discontinued by my supplier sadly. But I will be coming back with a revised version, even better than before. 

All the clearance items will be 20% off. Any discount codes will not be valid on clearance items.

Have a fabulous day!


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