Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spider Silk, Little Red Riding Hood...

Spider Silk is back but has been reformulated due to supplier issues.

Sadly from time to time, suppliers either go out of business, change their formulas or even discontinue some of the notes I use. Since every scent I offer is hand blended by me, I am often left frantically searching for either a replacement or to try and swoop up what I can or even better, buy in bulk if offered. Once in awhile I even have to discontinue a scent if I cannot find any of the above options. Luckily for me, many of the notes I use are purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturers, but for Spider Silk and Little Red Riding Hood, that was not the case. 

For Spider Silk, one of the notes I used seemed to morph and I was not pleased with that at all. So I set out all summer to find a replacement, while I did not find the exact note I needed, I did find a suitable replacement and have reformulated Spider Silk. It is noticeably different, but I am much more pleased with this newer version. The description remains the same though as the same types of notes were used. But there will be a notation in each listing stating Version 2 or V2. The label itself will note on the bottom, right hand corner, V2.

Little Red Riding Hood will be coming out as a newer version and is a whole new blend. I was not able to find any suitable replacement so I just decided to scrap the whole thing and come up with a new blend, in which I am quit pleased with and I think you will be too. This will be re-released by the end of August. I still have some of the older version and is available upon request until sold out.

Snow White, in the past you have read where my husband accidentally threw out my notes and on those notes were a few blends I had not yet converted into my book. Snow White was one of them sadly. I have been working on reformulating this one and will re-release this one in September. Luckily I remembered which notes were used in this blend and so I am now comparing the new blend to the old.

With that, I hope everyone has been having a fabulous weekend!

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