Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Morning!

Good morning!

My name is Lori, many of you I have had the pleasure to converse with while others I am still catching up on.

I have been helping DB with convos at etsy, emails and shipping labels and tracking. Pretty much anything that involves sitting in front of the computer while she is off producing and packing everyones orders.

I am fairly new to this but DB has been very kind to show me the ropes. 

In the past month DB's computer crashed and she lost all her labels. She has been working on getting that done on a brand new computer so you may notice that some of the lip balm, handmade soaps, perfumes and perfume petite sample labels look a little different. She completely lost all of those so she had to redesign them sadly. That took quite a bit of time for her. Luckily all lotion, whipped soap and scrub labels were designed by her designer and she was able to retrieve those as those were backed up. Its just been one thing after another, but DB is a real trooper and keeps going strong. I'm quite amazed at how she continues like she does with 4 kids.

Also, a lot of the Christmas items have been added. The 2nd collection will be up on November 19th, so stay tuned for that. During that time the website will be updated with all new stock as well.

And....I shouldn't really tell, but I know that DB has something special planned for Thanksgiving weekend. So exciting!

Time to get back to work!

Have a very lovely day everyone!


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