Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year & 2015 Policies Update

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! I was able to rest a tad, aside from visiting family, we all got sick. Always lovely, although we did get our flu shots, that can't hold back getting colds. But we are all on the mend thank goodness! This is just one of the perks of being a large family. ;-)

I just wanted to let everyone know there have been a few changes this year to the way we are doing things around here. This is going to be a long post. :-(

As a result to sample and coupon abuse this past busy season, we have been forced to make a few changes sadly.

I feel like such a scrooge in doing this, but after much consideration and talking it over with my business attorney, a revised business plan was put into place effective January 1st, 2015. Part of that plan involves how coupon codes and samples will be issued/given.

There will be less coupon codes/sales this year. For one, any type of sale seems to slow us down dramatically, resulting in letting customers down, which we do not want. We want to give you the best experience at Debaucherous Bath.

At the same time, it just seems that not many are reading the policies, or even the disclaimer when it is right next to the coupon code/sale itself. Coupon codes/sales do not, have not and will not ever apply to samples. The work that goes into making each sample on top of the costs for the ingredients is time consuming, to which the sample is already discounted. Our products are not mass produced, we are a small handmade business that hand makes each and every product myself alone, up until this past season, with Lori helping out with the packaging, shipping and customer service. It's just not feasible to offer discounts on already discounted samples.On top of that, etsy just does not have a feature where we can eliminate the samples from the coupon codes.

Which leads us to when and how many sales a year we will be offering. We have contemplated long and hard on this one and have decided that sales/coupon codes will only occur twice a year (semi annual). There may be a time where we will make an exception to the rule and have one due to inventory, etc. But at this time, they will only happen twice a year. This will help in keeping the TAT faster which in turn will allow us to provide you, the customer, with exceptional service.

Which leads us to the coupon codes that have been issued previously, these codes will be valid until the end of the month. So those that have the codes will still be able to use them until January 31st, 2015.

Samples, every order of $10.00 or more will recevie a free perfume petite sample, of your choice, with the exception of the followig scents:

Debaucherous Amber
The Queen Bee
Big Bad Wolf
Beguiling Violette
Golden Frankincense
Bella Miele
Apothecary Rose
Arctic Wolf

The above listed scents are not included due to the costs in formulating them.  These scents are made with CO2's, absolutes, resins and essential oils that are much more costly and are already discounted as samples for purchase.

The fragrance of the month perfume petite sample will still be offered with any purchase of $25.00 or more.

Another issue we came upon in the past year, lip balm tubes. We had quite a few complaints about the tubes twisting up but not back down. After much discussion with our supplier, these are not made to go back down like a lip stick tube does. So therefore, there is no defect with the lip balm tubes themselves.The lip balm tubes are made to twist as needed. 

As always, we thank you for your patronage and for your understanding.

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