Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Long Time No Post

It's been awhile since we posted. Lori has been busy handling all the customer service and doing a great job at that, while updating facebook, instagram and working on our newsletters, that's a lot to handle!

A few updates. TAT has been going quite smoothly. 4-5 business days is the standard at this time. It looks like by Monday we'll be back to 2-3 business days, but this can change at any time.

The updated website is about ready and will launch in about 2 weeks. We are working on adding all the product over to the newer version. Accurate shipping quotes will be available then as well.

Fragrance of the month will be announced shortly.

New products and scents are coming soon. A date is tentative at this time.

What to look forward to:

Custom Blended Perfumes
Wax Tarts (will be available in limited scents)
Hair Care Products
Mens Line
Solid Perfumes
Face/Skincare Products
Limited Summer Scents and a sneak preview of the new fall line up will be announced next month

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