Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back! Although my vacation with my husband was wonderful, I missed my kids terribly. I am glad to be back home.

The shop is reopening tomorrow as scheduled.

New perfumes are coming tomorrow. Later in the week will be a couple new soaps as well. As far as the new perfumes go, these are Limited Edition perfumes, limited in quantity and only available until October 31st or sold out, whichever comes first. They will not be available in the perfume petite sample sizes due to their limited availability.

Ok, a concern of mine I'd like to address:  Lip balms, a couple people have experienced a  couple problems with the lip balm tubes that I thought I'd address. First was how they twist up and not twist down, I have put in an email to my supplier to find out if they are suppose to be like this or if there is some sort of mechanical defect with them. I hope to hear back from them this week. I will update here when I hear back. I'm hoping it's not mechanical, I literally have hundreds of those tubes.

Second, a couple have experienced a crack in the lip balm, this is an error on my part. When I make the lip balms I place the tubes in a filling tray, once they cool off I then use a spatula scraper to scrape the tops to create a level and clean top, I believe this is where the problem arose from. I think I may have done this at a temp that may have been too cool for this. Usually I scrape at a slightly warmer temp, where it hasn't fully cooled off. 

I am offering replacements on the lip balms that are cracked, please contact me either via convo on etsy or email.

Once I hear back from my supplier on the tubes I will post here.


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