Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Etsy Shop Name

You may have already noticed Haus of Haunt on etsy is now Debaucherous Bath!

Recently etsy implemented a new option to change an existing etsy shop name. This of course happened after we opened a new etsy shop name of Debaucherous Bath. With a lot of thought, we decided to just change the existing etsy shop name from Haus of Haunt to Debaucherous Bath Body (etsy doesn't allow & or other symbols) since we already opened a shop with the name Debaucherous Bath we could not use that name for the existing Haus of Haunt shop. 

This change allows us to keep our existing feedback and sales and also allows our customers to continue to search for us while redirecting to the new name.

Our new website is still in the works as it takes quite a bit of time to move over all the items. We're aiming for November 1st, but it may be in the first week of November before it is complete.

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