Monday, November 7, 2011


Current TAT (turn around time) is back to 3-4 business days. I'm going to keep it at this for now even if we get orders out same or next day just to be safe. Since the holidays are nearing it seems there is an increase in orders on both the website and etsy. So I'm keeping it safe in saying TAT is 3-4 days at this point.

I have enlisted the help of my family. I have come to realize that since the holidays are nearing I just cannot do it all by myself. They are doing a lovely job if I do say so myself. It has become a family business at this point. I am very proud of them.  I have 2 delivering packages to the post office and 2 are helping with wrapping products in lovely tissue paper. I love their enthusiasm.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time!!

Have a fabulous day!

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