Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trading on etsy

It's time for Christmas shopping and I have been getting quite a few convos asking if I'd be willing to trade with fellow etsy shops. I am always willing to trade as I am always looking for gifts for my friends and family and well, the occasional gift for myself of course, lol.

At times I'd like to ask, but am quite shy and not even sure how to, but am so thrilled when I get asked.

I am looking for items in the following categories, if you have an etsy shop, please, feel free to contact me:

Childrens clothing(mainly for a toddler girl)
Photographs (I love photographs as you can see in my favorites)
Candles (my dear cousin just loves candles and can never have enough of these!)
Knit cowls
Knit/Crochet Hats for kids, baby, toddler and adult
Felt play food (preferably the baked goods, like cookies and cakes)

My list will grow as my friends and relatives hand over their wishlists, lol.

Thanks for reading this!

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