Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Overstock Sale!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

I know I did. I did last minute shopping up until Christmas eve! Got to see and spend time with family. Cooked and ate until I could not stand to see food any longer! Wrapped until 2am on Christmas eve until I nearly passed out. I did it all! But it was all worth it.

I wanted to post an update. I have received a few packages back unfortunately. Undeliverable, unable to forward is what is labeled on the boxes. I will be contacting those this week.

Next week I will be reopening, even though I didn't officially close the shop, I became overwhelmed with Christmas and forgot to really. This week I will also be answering a few convos I received. 

The German and Traditional Christmas will be restocked and available until January 15th. After this they will no longer be available. I have to make room for my new collections coming.

I will also be running an overstock sale beginning January 2nd from my Fall and Halloween collections. Some items will include Madame Violca's Midnight Carnival, State Fair Lip Balm, Wild Apple Tree, Thanksgiving 1891, Black Cat and a few more. These will be at a discounted price. I do not have too many available. I will be listing only what I have. I won't be able to do custom listings for the items unfortunately. The sale will begin at 9am Pacific Standard time until inventory has been depleted.

Items that will be staying around year long and no longer will be an LE (Limited Edition)

Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland
Dr. Jekyll
Mr. Hyde

The following items are available until January 15th:

Pumpkin Lavender Perfume
Cookies for Santa
Sankt Nikolaus
Mommy Kissing Santa
Naughty Mrs. Claus 
Merlot Lip Balm
Pumpkin Honey Lip Balm
Gingerbread Lip Balm
Pumpkin Lavender Lip Balm
Grandma Lee's Eggnog
Candy Cane
Aunt Hattie Mae's Sweet Potato Pie 
Toffee Lip Balm
Butterscotch Lip Balm
Peppermint Bark
Eggnog Lip Balm
Pomegranate Lip Balm
Hot Buttered Rum Lip Balm
Christmas Cookies Lip Balm

Thank you and have a very Happy New Year!

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