Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years everyone!

Monday will be a very busy day!

Tomorrow I will be adding overstock items beginning around 9am Pacific time. To make it fair for everyone, I will list the entire quantity I have available at one time. I will not be able to do any custom listings during this time. The sale will last until inventory is depleted. Items being offered are from the Fall and Halloween collections. There aren't many to begin with.

A reminder that the Traditional and German Christmas line will be available until January 15th. Unfortunately I cannot make any exceptions for any extensions. I have 2 new collections debuting on the 16th in which 1 is for Valentine's day that I want to ensure will be shipped out and received BEFORE Valentine's day. And 1 new collection coming out tomorrow.

Which brings me to the deadline for Valentine orders, if you are ordering for Valentines gifts, please place your orders no later than February 6th. I will be more than happy to include a little note from you just as I did during Christmas. 

Dark Woods will also be making its debut tomorrow. I'll be adding items by the evening. 

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming:

Dark Woods Collection:


to digress / change / vanish, disappear.

Evergreen, woods and smoke in the brisk cold air.


Arctic Wolf

Fur as white as snow, prowling in a majestic forest covered in snow.

Douglas fir, Arabian frankincense, a touch of white pepper, Alaskan cranberries, Arctic snow, green amber, woodsy vanilla.



Very dark or gloomy.

Imperial woods shrouded in a dark mist, wet earth, rotting berries, wild mushrooms, dead leaves covered in moss.

Intemptesta Nox

Latin for dead of night. When silence falls from the sky. Clouds are still, in the waiting. The luminous moon glistens off the snow covered ground.

Bourbon vanilla, frozen woods, patchouli, Moroccan rose, vetiver, tobacco, iris.


Latin for darkness.

Trees still in the darkness, snow falls in silence, a frozen stream. 

Majestic woods of fir and cedar, aged patchouli, wet fern, red amber, dark spices.


There she was, feeling this state of seclusion, in the far wilderness, as if no one ever cared.

Dried fig, golden amber, dead woods, myrrh resin, white frankincense.


Loved to Death Valentine Collection

2 Lovers

There once was 2 young lovers, that chose 2 separate paths. A decision both of them grew to regret. They desperately wanted to be together, but life wouldn't permit them. They would see each other any chance they had, despite the fact that both were married to other people. Their hearts belonged to one another, no matter what they did, they could not keep away from each other. They could not stop thinking of the other. Sometimes months would go by even a year without speaking or seeing one another, with both of them trying so hard to move on with their lives, only to find themselves longing for each other and to never stop thinking of the other.
Before you knew it many years had passed, they both had children of their own, grown and off on their own. Not long after, both of their spouses were ailing. Ridden with guilt, they could not leave them and stayed with them until the end. Only for them to pass on before their spouses. Never to be together in life. 

It is said that their spirits roam at night in search of one another's love, some have said you can hear her crying on hot summer nights with a full moon; when they first met it was on a heady summers night with a glowing full moon.

Heady jasmine, moonlit magnolias, dark chocolate, black amber, rotting plums, vanilla beans.

 Death by Chocolate

One day there was a couple, married for nearly 10 years. He loved her so much, too much. His jealous actions drove her to another lover. He discovered this, but didn't want her to know. So he planned a romantic night for them. A gift, a beautiful gold box filled with little chocolate orbs, her favorite. Little did she know it would lead to her demise.  

Poisoned dark chocolate orbs filled with a raspberry ganache and blackberry liquor.

 Bound By Blood

An undying love. 2 lovers slit their fingers, letting droplets of blood drop into amber resin only to be forever encapsulated.

Golden amber resin, blood orange, dragons blood.

All She Wants

All she ever wanted was to love and be loved. Always chasing what wasn't there. Reality was always a dream. That yearning to be touched.

Blackberries, chocolate, vanilla, amber, sweet violets, oakmoss.

Doll Parts

Doll eyes, doll arms, doll parts scattered about, all torn apart by an insanely jealous young woman. Her lover told her she wasn't as pretty as her dolls and never will be. Such an awful thing to say really. But in all her insanity, she decides to try and look like her doll, curling her long hair into two pigtails, applying red lipstick half-hazardly on her mouth, bright pink blush in perfect circles on her porcelain white cheeks, mascara caked on her lashes making her bright blue eyes stand out in a daze. How do you like me now she asks. He doesn't. He runs off scared.

Blood red cherries, bubble gum pop, strawberry lollipops, pomegranates, soft musk and vanilla beans.

In a couple days I'll give you a sneak peek at my other collection debuting this month as well.  Twisted Fairytales.

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year!

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