Friday, July 26, 2013

Month of August Updates

Some wonderful things are going on at Debaucherous Bath.

Beginning next week the pin up collection will finally make its debut on etsy. Also, over the weekend sometime, I'll be updating the website to reflect all new products, plus updating the fragrance list.

For the month of August, Debaucherous Bath will be closed on Fridays. This is so that we can gear up for the Fall products that will start to make their debut by the end of the month. And this will only be for the month of August. We will still be working on Fridays to process and ship orders, build up stock, etc but I will not be online at all to answer any convos or emails.  This will give us a lot more productive time to get ready for Fall and the busy season ahead.

TAT is currently at 2-3 business days. 

The first Fall/end of summer collection will debut on the August 21st. There will be some exciting new scents coming then. As well as body oils that will be making their debut. New soaps, whipped soaps, perfume, bubbling scrubs and lotion will be added. Lotions will finally be making their return on this date as well as sugar scrubs coming back too. Such an exciting time!

Making an early fall return next month will be Pumpkin Regal, Raven and a few others.  Last year I was having a problem with a key note in Raven being discontinued. I was able to go straight to the source and obtain it there. I have LOADS of it so we will never run out of Raven this year. I am so excited for this as it is one of my all time Fall favorites and it's a best seller.

Limited edition perfume balms will be making their debut as well on this date. These will be subject to availability only. Once gone, gone. They will be available in our most popular scents. If you have a special request, now is the time to let us know. Either it'll be in the collection already or possibly added depending upon how many requests come in. Either convo me at etsy or email me at debaucherousbath [at] gmail dot com. (No spaces)

A few new perfumes are going up on etsy and you may have already noticed some are up now. Such as Marshmallow Lavender. Yum!

Another update, beginning in September some of the new products and scents that are coming will be available on the website only. I plan to keep the majority of the catalog items there. I love etsy, but since inventory is getting larger for the holiday season I figured it'd be better this way.

And ending on a positive note, as I'm sitting here writing this update, my son was helping me stock inventory this afternoon. I guess he was checking out the new scents and asked me how much the whipped soaps and bubbling scrubs were. I told him $10 for most and asked him why and he said he was just wondering. Little did I know what he as up to and so he came over to me and said "Here's $10, I want the Mau Loa whipped soap". Oh my goodness, my heart just sank. I told him he could save his money and have it as he earned it working with me. Awe. That is a wonderful compliment coming from my son. I love my kids. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We are heading up to the mountains to cool off. :-)

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