Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Look, or Not?

You may have noticed the etsy shop has a new look. Debaucherous Bath is not changing it's look, but I thought it would be nice to have "themes" with either the holidays or collection launches.  so do you like the new pinup banner? We love it!

In the meantime I will finally be adding all the new scents in whipped soaps, bubbling scrubs and more this week. Lotions will start to make their appearance very soon. I was waiting for some of the ingredients for the lotion but with the 100+ weather we have been having here my last shipment was not in a good state. It was just an utter mess when it came. So a replacement is coming with a cool pak to keep everything safe to use in my lotions, woohoo!

So keep an eye out.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Debuacherous Bath is having one of it's rare sales this week at etsy. 10% off with code 4thofJuly. Don't miss it! This sale applies to the new scents, but does not apply to any sample orders since they are already mat a discounted rate.  If an order includes any samples, I will cancel that part and refund so that you can reorder it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Ok, I am already anxiously working on new fall scents. Well, I lied, I've been working on them since last year! I think I may be debuting them sometime next month. Honestly, I cannot wait. It is my utmost favorite time of the year. No one, I mean no one, knows or loves Fall and Halloween like I do. Anyone can claim they love it and are all about it, but honestly, they're not...lol. I have so many things planned throughout the year for this time. Not just for Debaucherous Bath, but at home, for my family, the house, you name it, I'm working on it. I just absolutely love it and what better time to be born, right???!!! I am just so lucky! An October girl, the best! Ok, ok, enough of that. But seriously, the fall scents will be coming soon as well as the oldies. I may even bring back the much loved and ever so popular, Zombie Girl a lot sooner than the others.

Ok, I hope those of you in this heat are keeping cool and those of you that live where it's cool are taking advantage of it.

Have a fabulous week!

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