Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tarts & Perfumes

A quick update. I have opened a separate etsy shop just for the tarts, called Debaucherous Tarts. I will begin to list the soy wax tarts by Sunday evening. The shop isn't ready as I am trying to get the last of all the orders out. I figured it would be wiser to keep the 2 separate.

Which leads me to another update, perfumes. I have once again, opened one more etsy shop just for perfumes (also not ready).  These will be perfumes not available at my regular etsy shop. All Limited Editions. This shop is called Debaucherous Alchemy, keeping with the same name line. This shop isn't ready yet either and won't be until Sunday evening.

At the same time, I will FINALLY be adding the remainder of the first fall release line Sunday as well.

This will be the first day (Sunday) in quite awhile that I will be 100% up to date and finally be able to update everything. I am so excited! 

Halloween items will trickle in as I get my labels in from my designer. I'm not setting any dates for this release and will just add as she send them over.

Also, with my vacations quickly approaching, I will be offering a sale. This will allow you to stock up, but only in stock items will be listed to keep TAT as quick as humanly possible. At that time I will also be adding a few Christmas items. Details to come....

Thank you all for your patience. Have a fabulous day!

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