Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stock Up or Wait Sale!

So, as I mentioned before, I was going to offer yet another sale. Now, I don't usually offer sales like this, or this often actually, but since I am going on vacation in both October (beginning the 9th returning the 21st) and November (beginning the 1st and returning the 12th)  I thought I'd offer this as a Stock Up Or Wait type of sale. 

Here's how it works, you can order now to stock up and save 10% off any order of $35 or more, NOT including sample sizes. OR, you can wait and get 15% off any order of $40 or more once I return from the first vacation. These sales will be offered for a very limited time so that I can process all orders in a timely manner. I don't want to get up to 10 days again. These sales will NOT be valid on orders of sample sized products. NO exceptions.

For the "Stock Up" sale, it will be on in stock items only. I will not be restocking inventory during this time nor will I be doing custom listings. Time is very restrictive for me during this time so I need to make it move as smooth and quickly as possible.

For the "Wait" sale, I will be limiting the amount of custom listings and will be restocking, but again in limited quantities due to the fact that I will be leaving again in November.

I am offering this sale bc honestly, I couldn't be leaving at a worse time. So it is up to you on if you are willing to wait until I return or want to stock up now. While I am away on the first trip I will have limited access to email/convos. On the 2nd trip I will not have any access at all as I am leaving the country.

The sale will be offered on the etsy shop ONLY. Please understand all of the above when placing your order. Also note, there will be a note at the bottom of each receipt stating the above info as a reminder.

The sale begins now (Sunday the 29th) and will end Saturday (October 5th) at 12am.

Here are the codes:

STOCKUPNOW10 for 10% off orders of $35 or more that will be processed and shipped BEFORE the vacation


ICANWAIT15 for 15% off orders of $40 or more that will be processed when I RETURN on October 12th.

If you place an order and mix match the codes for the dates listed, you order will be processed according to the sale and dates offered. No exceptions.

The sale does not apply to the tart or perfume shops nor the website. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on samples or perfume petites.

Not valid on previous orders.

Have a fabulous week!

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