Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Update

I am just about to launch the new items. I am just working on the photos for those. I will also be adding the remainder of them tomorrow morning as well since I got back from my trip a bit later than I had anticipated. 

Here are the descriptions for those waiting on the new items:

Indian Summer~

Late summer harvest, the last warm, dry weather before autumn sets in; blackberries, green apple, geranium, Virginia cedar, Indian Sandalwood.

Autumnal Equinox~
Damp earth, dried red maple leaves, peru balsam, rotting oak, tupelo honey, maple sugar, wildflower honey and crisp apples.

Cottontail Rabbit~
Brightly colored Easter eggs, jelly beans of all flavors, spring flowers, fresh green grass.

Spring Bees~
Golden honey, sweet berries, orange blossoms, olibanum, sweet nectar and dead woods.

Butterfly Dance~
Dandelions in full bloom, banded peacocks fly about, blossoming cherry blossoms, baby pink roses, wild honeysuckle and white jasmine.

I am also adding new lip balms tomorrow. 

Updated turn around time is at 2-3 business days, thank you!

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