Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sample sizes coming and Winter launch date

You asked and you are getting, sample sized whipped soaps and bubbling scrubs are being added today with the remainder of the perfumes, lotions and sugar scrubs by next week. I didn't realize how time consuming it could be to add items to etsy, but it is.

I'll be working on getting sugar scrub samples on etsy next week too.

Also, as always, turn around time is 1-3 business days and on many days I ship same day! All items are made fresh, all scrubs, perfumes and whipped soaps are made weekly and sometimes daily. Handmade bar soaps are made monthly to allow curing time. 

I have set a date for the debut of the first half of my winter line, which is the German theme. I can't wait! I also can't wait until the 2nd half either! The 1st set will be launching on Wednesday October 26th. I have not set a date for the 2nd Winter set, but it wouldn't be long after that since I am the anxious type.

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