Friday, September 2, 2011


Just a quick note to let everyone know TAT is currently 3-4 business days. Monday is also a holiday so instead of shipping out orders on Monday as the post office will be closed, they will be going out on Tuesday. We hope to have our TAT back to 1-3 business days by next week.

Also, our website is still spotty and this may be due to the transferring of everything over to the new domain. I'll be contacting the host today to find out what's going on. 

Our blog page will also be moving sometime in the next couple of weeks. I will post here when everything has been finalized with the new link.

And due to the transfer, no new photos will be going up on the existing site. So all the Fall soaps, lotions, lip balms, perfumes and sugar scrubs that are still to be uploaded will have to wait until the transfer. We're looking at having the new site up by the end of next week if everything goes smoothly. But I do hope to have all products up on etsy by next week.

I received a few emails asking about facebook and twitter. I am not on those, I just post updates here. I don't have the time to tweet or post on fb, it keeps things simple for you and I by having one place to post all my updates to. Plus it keeps my TAT down. Gives me more time to make and process your order! :-)

Back to work!

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