Monday, September 26, 2011

Samples & Product Name Contest

Samples are delayed. I hate to say this but my printer was giving me nothing but grief last week. One of my toners was out and it turns out that none of the supply stores carries it any longer. My husband, the good man that he is, thought he was doing me a favor and picked one up for me but it was not the correct one and unfortunately was un-returnable since he opened it insisting it was the right one. I do love that man for trying.

So one was ordered and overnighted and I was finally able to get back to processing orders on Friday.

Today and tomorrow I will be adding the sample size bubbling scrubs and whipped soaps on etsy. I am caught up with orders for now.  Everything from the weekend is going out today.

And in regards to a new product I have coming out after vacation, well, I am working on a name for it. I had a name idea, but...I'm just not sure about it. It's a moisturizer used in the bath or shower and must not contain the words bath, shower or gravy (yes my dear friend offered that one).  I'm looking for a unique name, something dark and unusual, email me your idea at debaucherousbath [@]! gmail dot com and if I choose your idea, I will send you a free jar, with your choice of scent, from a selection of scents I will be offering it in.

Deadline is this Friday September 30th.

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