Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Etsy reviews/Feedback

REVIEWS/FEEDBACK: Etsy has recently replaced its existing Feedback system with a ‘Review’ option based on a star rating. Buyers have a certain timeframe in which they are able to leave a review, and in conjunction with this function the Etsy system will send out “reminders” if a review has not been left. Debaucherous Bath considers reminders of this nature to be intrusive and would like to assure all buyers that any “review reminder” emails or messages that they may receive are from Etsy and DO NOT originate from Debaucherous Bath. We do not like to be pestered just as much as you don't. However, please accept our sincere thanks for any positive reviews that you may choose to submit; we are sorry that Etsy no longer affords sellers the opportunity to do so via the feedback system.

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