Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall 2013 Debut Update & More

A quick update on a few things.

1. Fall debut, I have about half of the labels for the already-waiting products and am working on the photos right now so that I can upload the "ready" ones by tonight. My designer was recently ill, but they are coming in. But as soon as they are ready I will add the products as they come in. I have tons of product just waiting for labels so they can go to their new homes! Lip balms will be coming tonight as well.

2. Shipping, I had to make a few unfortunate changes to shipping. For one, effective immediately, the perfume petites on both etsy and the website, will no longer include free shipping. Due to rising costs it just isn't working out this way anymore. Also, even though I had lowered shipping on the etsy shop, I was still losing on shipping. So I increased the additional item charge slightly to help cover shipping costs. I will always try my best to provide you with the cheapest shipping rates whenever possible and as always, I will refund any additional over charges.

3. Past Fall/Halloween, these products are already up. 

4. Fall debut cold process soaps, these are still curing and won't be ready until another week or so. Once they are ready, I will add them to both sites. 

5. Summer collections, by the end of this month I will be phasing out the summer collections. So get them while you can. They will not be back.

6. TAT, we are currently at a 3-5 business day TAT. My kids went back to school and my youngest just started preschool, which absolutely breaks my heart. My hired help, has the same thing going on so we are now back to carting children back and forth to school at different times making us both crazy with the driving madness, but it is our lives and we love it! The days when my husband, the love of my life, comes home early, are blessed days for me as he enlists his help.

7. Sales, as of late and more frequently then ever, I have been receiving numerous convos and emails asking for coupon codes, discounts or free products for blog reviews. While I appreciate the interest, at this time, there are no sales and I am not offering any free product for blog reviews, but, if you would like to review a product, please feel free to purchase any of my items, I even offer sample sizes. Also, I always include a free perfume petite from our regular priced lines with any order and if you have a specific request, I'd be more than happy to oblige. From time to time I may offer a sale, but there are no sales currently. We are approaching the busy holiday season and may offer a sale from time to time. So check back often. :-)

8. Gift sets, we will be offering gift sets this year. As well as a new body oil, new body butter and Bathory will be making a return, all when the weather cools down.

9. 2nd Fall Debut, the 2nd Fall debut will be happening rather quickly after the first one. This will include new Halloween scents. I anticipate a release around the 1st of September.

That p-retty much sums it up. Now back to work!

Have a fabulous evening!

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