Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pin Up Collection Update

I'll be adding the remainder this week. I ran into a bit of a snag, turns out one of the labels I never received so I am waiting for that, it's Dollface Bettie and her I have all these jars read yo go to their new homes! But in the meantime, if you want a custom order, please feel free to ask. Anything with Dollface Bettie won't ship until the labels are here, which is any day now. Here are the scents and their descriptions. 


Caramelized sugar, cocoa butter, cotton candy, white florals, oakmoss, precious woods, dark amber and raw honey.

Dollface Bettie~

Soft lilacs, freesia petals, Tiare flowers, southern magnolias, caramelized sugar, coconut milk and precious woods.

Pin Up Girl~

Sugary sweet cotton candy, strawberry bubblegum, vanilla bean, chocolate truffles, and a touch of golden amber.


Overripe, juicy blackberries, sugary sweet cola, topped with a vanilla foam.

These are all available in Lotion, Perfume, Bubbling Scrub and Whipped Soap.

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